The 12 Days of Vacay

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Susannah Hill’s 6th annual holiday contest is on! Entries must (loosely) follow The Twelve Days of Christmas type format, be kid-friendly, and comprise 300 words or fewer. Weighing in at exactly 300 words, I give you “The 12 Days of Vacay,” a kid’s musical recounting of a not-so-great Winter Break.


On the first day of vacay

My parents gave to me

A chore list as tall as our tree


On the 2nd day of vacay

My backpack gave to me

Two ancient lunches

And a term paper due on 1/3


On the 3rd day of vacay

BFF gave to me

Three cups of eggnog

Two shared Christmas cookies

And a fever of a hundred point three


On the 4th day of vacay

My inbox gave to me

Four lame memes

Three grandma forwards

Two chore reminders

And a sketchy link to win a lottery


On the 5th day of vacay

My parents gave to me

Five major warnings

Four wicked side-eyes

Three threats of grounding

Two boring lectures

And a chore list as high as our tree


On the 6th day of vacay

The neighbor gave to me

A shovel job called “opportunity”


On the 7th day of vacay

Mom and Dad forced me

To “give back” to my community


On the 8th day of vacay

My parents flew the coop

And I’m stuck with a kid who’s got croup


On the 9th day of vacay

The baby gave to me

Nine stinky diapers

Eight chewed-on rattles

Seven soggy cheerios

Six tugs on pants legs

Five hours of Dora

Four parent phone calls

Three nap attempts

Two coughing fits

And a very grumpy brother and sis


On the 10th day of vacay

I just want to sleep late

But front yard Santa’s drooping

And Mom wakes me to go re-inflate


On the 11th day of vacay

I think I’ve had enough

Sure, school is hard

But winter break’s far more rough


On the last day of vacay

I might not go insane

The tree caught on fire

Parents doused it quickly,

But my chore list went up in the flames!




10 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Vacay

  1. Oh my goodness! Poor kid! What a winter break 🙂 Very clever and fun twist on the 12 Days. I think my favorite line is the shovel job called opportunity 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the fun, and Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh my goodness…Michele…I love this. And my first thoughts for Susanna’s contest was to do the 12 days of a kid at home on winter break…by the end, he’d be wishing he was back in school…but I wrote a different story. 😉 🙂 This is really funny…great job!

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