About us

Who “we” are at Kidlit Tidbits

Let's start with a secret:

The "we" is really a "me."

One person. One point-of-view. One dream.

Hence, the traditional "about us" section boils down to this: me.

I'm not special. I'm not mind-numbingly talented. I'm not even particularly industrious (I'm actually a bit lazy, truth be known). But I am one of those creative sorts. And I'm also one of those hard-headed sorts that will stop at nothing once she births an idea.

And that's what ideas are: newborns. And like newborns, they must be nurtured. They require a great deal of work, and left ignored, the unthinkable will happen. They will perish.

So that's what Kidlit Tidbits is. That's what we're (I'm) about. This website is about nurturing a baby dream of mine until it grows up to become the fantabulous, self-sustaining, uber-awesome flagship I've visualized for years.

Stuff you want to know

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